Mystical Travels with a Himalayan Yogi


The Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa, INDIA


October 06 -
October 17, 2019
(12 Days)



Himalayas Calling

Himalayas are calling.
Come, come and come again.
Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times,

Travel with a Himalayan Yogi.
And Perceive!
So that the Himalayas remain,
And you shall not be.

The secret is out to all, who not want to be.
The Stars are bright, why don’t you see?
It’s called enwombing.
Only the Universe shall be.

— Yogi Amandeep 




October 06 - October 17, 2019


I. Receive the Wisdom of the Stars

Where the first star dust fell on earth, that location became the Himalayas. In this very location we took our first incarnation as minerals. Then we became crystals. And now, in the human body, I am writing and you are reading.

We have become two. The wisdom of stars will unite all into oneness, and again we shall experience the lightness of being in the presence of this ever-flowing star dust at the lotus feet of the mighty Himalayas. 


II. The Only living Mountains – Himalayas 

Himalayas are the only living mountains on earth, growing an inch every year

The word Hima means high and Laya means to merge. To merge into the highest consciousness, this is what the Himalayas represent. They represent the highest consciousness an individual can attain while in the human body.

It is said that whenever an individual had the longing to touch their higher self, they have found their way to the highest land – the Himalayas.  

The Prana is high, life is high and experiences are high. This is the highest land where the highest teachings are available. 


III. Northeast Himalayas:
the Original land of White Tantra

According to the ancient legends, as Adi Shakti distributed herself into the living mother Earth, her thymus gland fell in this location. 

The path of Tantra was revealed to the Himalayan sages right here.

Tantra is the wisdom of using body movements, including yogic postures and Mudras to access the hidden Mantra: the unmanifested mind. 

This path became the source of many Yogic paths including the Vajrayana, the diamond path of the Buddha, and the 12 Schools of the Nath Panthis founded by Guru Gorakh Nath. 

With time, these teachings took many forms and my beloved master, Yogi Bhajan, revived these teachings in the modern times for the sake of humanity. He called it White Tantra. 

The exact location of the thymus gland, is called Khecheopalri Lake. 

Sitting in the cave above (now known as Dupukney Cave), Shiva saw the sacrifice of the Shakti, and shed tears that became the sacred healing waters. 

This is the place where Shiva and Shakti, the two dualities, the push and pull of life, become one.  The mind, representing Shakti, distributes itself; and the spirit, Shiva, sheds the tears of joy. 


VI. Receive the Esoteric teachings with Yogi Amandeep  

Empowerment of the 64 Yoginis - hidden wisdom of the Himalayas.

Yogi Amandeep will be transmitting a very rare teaching in this Yatra. We would be visiting the Buddhafield of the 64 female Bodhisattvas, who are the guiding sages of the Esoteric Yogic Wisdom. 

These 64 Yoginis are the primordial guiding female Bodhisattvas that took birth from the awakened mind of Adi Shakti during the battlefield of life and death. 

After the victory over the battle of life and death, they decided to stay behind in the realm of time and space to bestow the wisdom to humanity that would help them go through the Bardo; the intermediate space between birth and death. 

They are the holders of the Siddhis: wisdom, wealth, health, prosperity, arts, opportunity, intelligence, purity, guidance etc. For those upon whom they are graced, these gifts of life flow to them.  


V. Dark Retreat:
entering the womb of the Goddess

99.9% of the Universe is dark matter. The ancient sages call it the primordial womb of the Goddess.  

An ancient practice born in the caves of the Himalayas empowers us to break free from all that is holding us from breaking the patterns of the mind.  

Darkness repairs the body, while light breaks the body. During the day the body is torn, tired and bombarded with information and outer movements. 

At night we all long for a beautiful dark space, which renews us, repairs us and rejuvenates us. 

Life is born out of darkness; the darkness of the womb gives birth to life. The seed has to be kept in darkness, in the womb of the earth, before it can break to sprout itself and start a new life. 

Imagine the freshness and liveliness when one is immersed in total darkness for days. Unplugging from all external hindrances and only embracing what is inside, to tap into the unknown you.  


VI. Qualify for Nirvana 

The glories of the mighty highest Yogi – the Himalayas are sung again and again in both the male Tantra and female Tantra texts.

They went to such an extent to state that one can only qualify for Nirvana if one has, in one of their lifetimes, meditated in the Himalayas.


VII. Wisdom treasures infused
by Guru Padmasambhava

This landscape is also known as a land of hidden treasures blessed by Guru Padmasambhava. There are two types of treasures: the Earth treasures, and the sky treasures.

The earth treasures are in the form of physical relics, while the sky treasures are visions and spiritual formulas revealed to individuals who have reached a certain state of consciousness. 

Yogi Amandeep will share the “teachings of seeing”, an ancient technique of Guru Padmasambhava. 


VIII. Commemorating the 550th Birth
Anniversary of Guru Nanak 

2019, marks the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak. In reverence to that we would visit one of the most remote Gurdwaras, dedicated to Guru Nanak in the Northeast Himalayas. 

Who is Guru Nanak?

Adi Guru, Siri Guru Nanak Dev, is the founder of this tradition; the very personification of totality.

For 22 years, he flowed throughout the known and the unknown worlds, breaking the false walls of division and separateness like a mighty river of Oneness, IkOngkaar

During his visit to the roof of the world, in Tibet, the land of Lamas, they saw him as the reincarnation of Guru Padmasambhava, referring to him as “Lama Nanak” and “Badra Guru”, the precious master. The Sufis of the Persian desert addressed him as “Pir Nanak” and “Wali Nanak”.

The Vedic masters saw the flow of the Vedas in his words and declared him as “Avtari Nanak” and “Baba Nanak”. In the Land of Lau Tzu, China, where he sat and shared the teachings of Oneness, they named the city “Nanking” in his honor. The Taoist Sages bowed at his feet and proclaimed him as “Bhusa Nanak”.

When he climbed the Himalayan Mountains to meditate with the Yogis and Siddhas, they recognized him as the incarnation of the Great Spirit, a man of Oneness, whom their ancient Puranas had predicted would take birth to unite humanity. In gratitude for his wisdom, they called him “Yogi Nanak” and “Avdoot Nanak”, the immaculate master.

Gurdwara Nanak Lama

In his travels, Guru Nanak visited this sacred land in order to unite the Karmapa Nyingmapa sects with the Gelugpa sect. 

Many from the Karmapa Nyingmapa sect were the devotees of Guru Nanak, as their head Lamas became Guru Nanak’s devout at Mount Kailash and recognized him as a reincarnation of Guru Padmasambhava.

Guru Nanak’s footprints, a robe and a water-carrying utensil are preserved at Lachen Gompha. Here the locals refer to Guru Nanak as “Rimpoche Nanak Guru”. 

At this location, Guru Nanak planted his walking stick which, with time, became alive as the awakened one infused Prana into it. Today it stands as a tree, bearing witness. Taking shelter under the guiding hand of the awakened one, can awaken you.   

We will bow our heads in reverence at the location where the Guru of the world sat in meditation and unity; everyone under the Umbrella of Ik ongkaar, we are all one. 


IX: Energetic Wormholes

In the esoteric tradition of the Himalayas, rivers, lakes and caves play an important role in the transmission of the unmanifested wisdom. One is Vidya; the manifested wisdom which is for everyone. The other is Mahavidya; the unmanifested wisdom which is a gift to those who have earned it. 

Whenever an evolved being leaves the earth, it’s their responsibility to transmit what they has found into someone who can keep sharing it. 

If they don’t find someone to hold that wisdom, it is deposited into a lake, mountain or a cave. Many such activated places hold this infused wisdom that can automatically be received if someone comes to receive it. 

We will be visiting one such lake which is seen as an energetic wormhole

These wormholes are also seen as inter-dimensional Stargates that were deliberately closed in the beginning of the iron age.  They would be open again to those who come, and bow, and be open.  



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