A Priceless Opportunity. . .

“This opportunity is priceless and for anyone sitting on the fence, just spread those wings, jump off the cliff and trust you will fly. He (Yogi Amandeep) holds you and supports you like no one I’ve ever been before as a yoga student.”

–Lee Poulson





“WOW, just WOW! Yogi Amandeep delivered in such a huge way! His teaching are pure and full of humility and grace. Each session was jam pack with powerful teaching that transformed every person in the room.”


“I felt the true essence of the teachings . It really touched my heart .I had the realization that the Kundalini teaching l been practising so far felt a bit like a Circus. Yogi Amandeep’s teaching have a strong presence of Yogi Bhajan’s and his mystical energy and force comes totally from the heart. This is the path l want to walk.”


“I would like to thank Yogi Amandeep for his tireless work on our behalf. A true master teacher with a heart of gold. I bow my head to this man who has touched and elevated so many lives around the world.”


“Bliss... Thank you, Amandeep Singh, for incarnating in the Aquarian Age. You truly are the light, and you spread the light far and wide like the lighthouse that you are. Your teachings are the most inspirational experience.“